Term Loan
Non-revolving credit facility for medium or long-term investment purposes that can be repaid in installments in accordance with the financial capability of the debtor.

  • Duration of facilities up to 120 months or 10 years.
  • Facilities are non-recurring (non revolving).
  • Withdrawal of facilities can be done at once or gradually in accordance with the agreement set in advance.

Opening Condition
  • The debtor may be an individual or a business entity
  • The Borrower must open a current account or savings account at Bank Index.
  • Submitting adequate collateral goods

Required Documents

A. Individual Debtor Candidate :

  • Copy of husband's / wife's ID 
  • Copy of debtor's family card (Kartu Keluarga / KK)
  • Copy of debtor's marriage document
  • Copy of debtor's name changing document (if any)
  • Copy of business legal documents : NPWP, SIUP, TDP, SITU, and License of Nuisance Act 
  • Copy of account statement at least 3 (three) months
  • Copy of Certificate, IMB, Blue Print, last tax payment receipt (PBB) dan AJB of the collateral

B. Prospective Debtor of Legal Entity

  • Copy of managements' ID
  • Copy of Deed of Establishment and its amendments, Decree of the Minister of Justice, State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia, SIUP, TDP, NPWP, SITU and License of Nuisance Act
  • Copy of account statement at least 3 (three) months
  • Copy of certificate, IMB, Blue Print, AJB and the last tax payment receipt (PBB)

Terms, conditions, fees and other information on this product are subject to change. For further information, please contact Bank Index Call Center phone number (021) 6330055 or please visit the nearest Bank Index office.