Individual Loan

Housing Loan
Credit facilities for the purpose of purchasing houses and apartments.

Terms and Conditons

  • Loan facility can be used to buy new or used house.
  • The period of the loan facility for the purchase of a house or an apartment is up to 10 years.
  • Must have loss insurance on the house / apartment purchased.
  • Must have life insurance.
  • Loan repayments are made monthly principal and interest (annuity)
  • The interest is floating and subject to change at anytime.
  • Maximum age of the borrower should be 55 year when the loan facility expired.
  • Borrower is required to have a current or savings account at Bank Index
  • Loan facility for buying used house only for those that have a minimum HGB certificate and have an IMB
  • Full or partial repayment of the facility may be made at any time after the loan is at least 6 months and subject to administrative costs

Required Documents

  • Copy of husband & wife ID 
  • Copy of borrower's family card (Kartu Keluarga / KK)
  • Copy of borrower's marriage document
  • Copy of borrower's name changing document (if any)
  • Copy of business legal documents : NPWP, SIUP, TDP, SITU, and License of Nuisance Act 
  • Copy of account statement at least 3 (three) months
  • Copy of Certificate, IMB, Blue Print, last tax payment receipt (PBB) dan AJB of the collateral
  • Original Certificate of Employment & Income (for employees)
  • Copy of KTP husband + wife, Family Card & Marriage Certificate from the owner of the guarantee
  • Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Report for the previous year

Terms, conditions, fees and other information on this product are subject to change. For further information, please contact Bank Index Call Center phone number (021) 6330055 or please visit the nearest Bank Index office.

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